For companies that already have a consolidated network infrastructure, we offer analysis and troubleshooting service. With constant technological developments, new solutions appear daily to better the quality and profitability of the business. That way, at any given time, your business needs to perform a network analysis to see what improvements can be made to contribute to the efficiency of the procedures. In addition to the analysis, we perform a procedure called troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting is a troubleshooting model. It consists of a systematic and logical search that tracks the root of a problem to fix it quickly. It is a clever solution for developing and maintaining complex systems in which the symptoms of a failure can have several causes. It is a process that works by elimination and is used to isolate the possible causes of the problems.

We perform local network topology analysis, traffic measurement, error rate reporting, protocol analysis, and performance evaluation. After all this is done and suggestions for correction and improvement, always with the goal of seeking more profitability for your company.